Children Affected by Parental Offending (CAPO)

In every community there are families affected by having a loved one in prison. If this is your family then we don’t want you to feel alone. You can talk to our CAPO Champions for support.

Here at North Bristol Children’s Centres we have trained staff known as ‘CAPO Champions’ who you can speak to for non-judgemental advice and support. CAPO Champions are passionate about supporting children and their families through any stage of the criminal justice system.
You will find a CAPO Champion in all Children’s Centres across Bristol and in some education and support services too!


What do we offer?

Our CAPO Champions are trained and have a good understanding of how important the need for support is to families and children affected by offending and the criminal justice system.

CAPO Champions can offer you:

  • A welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental space to talk
  • Tools and resources to support children and their parents/carers who are affected by parental offending (or offending of a significant other). e.g. how to tell a child, how to support them with their feelings,
  • Financial Advice
  • Support and advice on prison visits, and how to contact a loved one in prison
  • Help to understand the journey through the criminal justice system
  • Signposting to other services

…and more!

How to refer and contact: 

  • Please contact your local CAPO Champion by emailing us at​​​
  • Professionals can also complete a family support referral form with parents to specifically request 1:1 support. Please email us at

Your North Bristol Children Centre CAPO Champions