NBCC Policies

NBCC – Covid 19 Risk Assessment – November 2020

NBCC Gardens – Covid 19 Risk Assessment – June 2020


NHS Test and Trace

If you visit one of North Bristol Children’s Centres’ sites, you will be asked for your personal contact details for NHS Test and Trace. This helps us reduce the risk of a local outbreak of coronavirus.

Consent for Photos/Videos
We will ask for your consent for your photo or image and that of your child/ren being used to promote and publicise Children’s Centres and their services. This will not affect your access to services.
How We Use Your Information

Any information you provide to us:

  • Will be held and managed securely by Bristol City Council
  • Can be used to monitor and evaluate the Children’s Centre programme
  • Will be available to named members of staff in Children’s Centres, other Council departments and partnership settings to support the provision of services and promote family welfare

If you are providing information about other people it is your responsibility to inform them of the information you have provided.

If, at a future date, the Children’s centre is made aware of any changes in the information originally provided (eg new baby born, change of address) the Children’s Centre will update their records accordingly.

When we share information about your child/ren we will always do it in the safest way. Some information that you give us may be shared via the secure Connecting Care portal. If you wish to know more about Connecting Care, how it works and what your rights are, you can visit: www.connectingcarebnssg.co.uk.

Your information will be stored and shared in accordance with the Privacy Notice available on the Bristol City Council website.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Summary

North Bristol Children’s Centres (NBCC) fully recognises its duty to safeguard and protect children from abuse as defined in the Children Act 2004 and the Education Act 2002. The overall intention and purpose behind the policy is underpinned by the fundamental principle of the Children’s Act 1989 and 2004.

Download: NBCC Safeguarding and Child Protection Summary