Nurture Top Tips Week 10 – Continuing the Family Journey

Welcome to Week 10 of the Nurture group. Our last week!

This week in our Nurture Group we have been discussing what happens next?!

This is always the hardest bit! This is where all the strategies you have learnt with us come into play as we end our nurture journey together.

There is one final practise sheet you can complete that will support you to continue to implement these strategies. Remember how important it is to nurture yourself as well as your children, as they say ‘you cannot pour from an empty jug’. And remember the importance of taking time to calm down before you handle a tricky situation. You’re more likely to have a better outcome if you are calm before using the strategy you have learnt.

A massive well done for everyone if you have been following our posts and learning about any of these parenting strategies! Remember things don’t happen over-night and it will take some time for these strategies to become part of your every-day family routine.

We are always on the other end of the phone if you are struggling and in need of any support.

Please remember, everyone struggles every now and again. You are not on your own!

We will be running a Nurture Programme in February at one of our centres. If you’d like to attend, please leave a message on our Facebook post and we’ll add you to our waiting list.