Nurture Programme Week 8 – Online Safety

Welcome to Week 8 of the Nurture group.

This week in our Nurture Group we have been discussing how to keep our children safe in the online/digital world. It’s important to have open communication with your children about the different sites they are accessing and the people they are talking to.

Filters and website blocks provide extra safety, but what happens if something gets through? Or your child is being bullied via text? As with anything else, you want your children to be able to talk to you about the worries they may have and for your children to be aware of online safety.

Have a look at some of the websites in our pic below – they have lots of information to support you to talk to your children.

Smartie the Penguin is another fantastic resource. Click the link and you will find a number of stories appropriate to your child’s age that tell of a penguin called Smartie who receives a tablet for his birthday. Smartie faces problems in the digital world and needs the support of his parents to overcome them.