Night Feeds and Dream Feeding when Breastfeeding

This week we are looking at night feeding and dream feeding. One of the questions new parents are often asked: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” This question can make you feel disheartened if your baby is a night owl and you’re feeling tired. Formula-fed babies are often perceived as sleeping for longer stretches, so mothers with night-waking babies can feel pressured to offer formula to try to encourage longer periods of sleep. This week we are sharing some interesting articles which may help alleviate any worries or pressure you might be experiencing and explain the biology behind why babies wake frequently at night. Rest assured frequent night waking and feeding is normal and healthy baby behaviour.

So what is dream feeding? Dream feeding can be defined as the practice of feeding a sleeping infant, with the aim of encouraging the baby to sleep longer. To find out more how it works, what evidence there is for using this method and the pros and cons, click the links below:—the-pros-and-cons