One of the first things we need to learn when starting our breastfeeding journey is latch and positioning. Both need to be comfortable and effective. It is vital that our baby adopts a good latch for successful feeding. Alongside latching we need to have our baby in a comfortable position. The position we adopt may differ over time as our baby grows or we may find one and stick with it. We have gathered a selection of articles from with lots of advice about latch and positioning and a video to explain deep latch technique.



Latching and Positioning Resources •

No matter what latch and positioning look like, the true measure is in the answers to these two questions: Is it effective? Is it comfortable? Even if latch and positioning look perfect (and, yes, even if a lactation consultant told you they were fine), pain and/or ineffective milk transfer indicate that there is a problem somewhere, and the first suspect is ineffective latch/positioning.

My baby makes a clicking sound when nursing. Is this a problem? •

A clicking (or clucking or chucking) sound during nursing indicates that baby is repeatedly breaking the seal or suction. Try to notice when it occurs in the feeding. Is it more noticeable during let-down, or is it constant? Also try to notice if you have discomfort of any kind during the clicking.

Why are my nipples sore after months of pain-free nursing? •

Sometimes a mom will get sore nipples after weeks or months with no problems. Following are six potential causes, plus some troubleshooting tips.