This week we’d like to celebrate and thank all the dads and male carers who support breastfeeding mums. Whether making cups of tea and snacks during the long feeding sessions or offering hugs and words of encouragement. Dads and partners play a really important role in supporting mum with feeding, especially in the early days. Here are some ideas about how dads can support breastfeeding.

How can dads and partners support breastfeeding?

Fathers concept – it’s not just about dads!


Many fathers find the following are useful things to do.  You will soon be able to add your own ideas:

  • Embrace mum and baby as they nurse.
  • Give baby a bath.
  • Help baby feel more comfortable: rock, burp, massage.
  • ‘Wear’ baby in a sling, carrier or wrap. 
  • Sing and talk to your baby.  Your own voice will be familiar since listening to it from the womb.
  • Play with your baby.
  • Cuddle or carry baby.  The ‘colic hold’ (baby face down along dad’s forearm with limbs dangling) works a treat to calm an unsettled baby.
  • Take baby out for a walk using the pram or sling.  You will give baby a change of scene and fresh air.  It is fun to introduce your baby to the delights of the big wide world.
  • Change nappies, making the most of the eye contact, chat and caring opportunities.
  • Organise outings and treats.  Plan dates for the three of you together.